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Platinum Freight’s temperature-controlled services allow us to service your fresh, ambient and frozen products with confidence.

Our high-cube reefers are equipped with state-of-the-art reefer monitoring software.  Our ability to monitor and control our reefers’ temperatures in real-time ensures product integrity. Our reefers are outfitted with the latest HACCP interior side walls — no more metal or concern of cross contamination.

  • Detailed Reefer analytic reports available upon delivery.
  • Reports can be generated based on customer KPI and include start-stop or continuous monitoring and reporting
  • We can provide geofencing for all customer facilities
  • All our refrigerated trailers are satellite tracked in real-time — on-time reporting is generated automatically.

If perishable commodities are exposed to extremely high or low temperatures or humidity, they will degrade over time. Among other things, the following perishable commodities should be sent in a temperature-controlled setting.

  • Plants and food

If sent without the correct refrigeration, the majority of vegetables and plants will wilt or ripen fast. The temperature of regular trailers may then be further elevated by ripening fruit, which may cause products to deteriorate more quickly than they would in chilled or frozen trailers.

  • Animal By-Products

Animal products must be sent in a temperature-controlled environment, whether they are frozen or chilled. Work with your 3PL provider to establish the ideal temperature for products like meat, eggs, and dairy to be preserved for the longest possible time.

  • Pharmaceuticals

For patients and healthcare providers to continue using many pharmaceutical products—vaccines, medications, etc.—they must be refrigerated or frozen at certain temperatures. Temperature change may be dangerous since it can make the item contents spoiled and unusable.

  • Beautifying goods

Similar to medications, cosmetics can get spoiled if heated or chilled over acceptable levels.

Contact the Platinum Freight Group Ltd team to learn more about our freight options or to go through the specifics of your consignment. Please use our online contact form to get in touch with us if you have any inquiries about our services.

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