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We offer specialised service to all 48 states through our licenced dry van division. Along the 401 corridor from Toronto, Ontario to Montreal, Quebec, we also provide dry van services.

Today, we manage a variety of commodities, including food grade (salty snack treats), electronics, building supplies, paper goods and packaging.

– We can provide geofencing for all customer facilities. – All dry vans and trailers are tracked in real time via satellite.

– For increased security, all of our logistics trailers come with 2ft logistical tracks.

– Each dry vehicle is no older than five years.

Advantages of Dry Van Freight Shipping

You should be aware of the many varieties of dry vans as well as some important advantages that will undoubtedly help your company’s shipping expansion. 

–  Affordable Prices

Shipping dry van freight doesn’t call for any specialised shipping procedures or additional services. It is the key factor behind why it is one of Canada’s most cost and time effective shipping solutions. Additionally, since you may utilise it for long-distance travel, it is an affordable delivery alternative.

   –  Full Protection for Goods

The ability to fully protect any sort of freight is one of the main advantages of a dry van trailer. Your cargo are shielded from the elements of the road and inclement weather, such as strong winds, rain, or sunshine, thanks to the truck’s all-around enclosure. Additionally, the trailers’ enclosure may be locked to add another level of security against cargo theft.

   –  Flexible

The adaptability of dry van trailers is the key factor in their popularity as cargo trucks. They function well for shipping all kinds of packed products as well as other shipments without a need for temperature control. Nearly every type of shipment may benefit from using a dry van trailer, including non-perishables, household furnishings, clothes and apparel. 

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